Racket Repair & Customization

  • New Grommets / Bumper Guard kits – We have replacement grommet kits for some tennis and racquetball models in stock, and we can also order kits to fit both older model and current model frames.  Full kit will include all new grommets and new bumper guard.  Prices include installation, requires re-stringing.
  • Butt Caps – All sizes available, may require new replacement grip installation. $3 including tax
  • Lead Tape – Love your racquet for the most part, but wish you could change the balance or add more “oomph?”  Lead tape may be the answer!  Ask us about lead tape customization for your frame – cost starts at $10 per racquet depending on total weight added and desired outcome.
  • Bumper guard tape – Bumper guard tape protects your racquet from damage incurred when the frame hits the court.  Free by request.   Available in black or clear, cut to fit.
  • Grip Build Up – We can increase the size of your racquet handle to give you the feel you’re looking for.  Cost is $10 incl. tax per build up, available in full size (1/8”) or half size (1/16”) increments.